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The UKCA EN1090 marking is a legal requirement for all steel and aluminium structures, including fire escapes, balconies, and structural components used in buildings. It indicates that the products comply with the necessary regulations, ensuring their safety and reliability.

At our company, we take the responsibility of complying with the UKCA EN1090 marking requirements very seriously. Our team is trained and qualified to ensure that all our fabricated products meet the necessary standards and regulations. We can complete projects up to and including execution class 2.

Why is the EN 1090 standard important?

EN 1090 is a European standard that pertains to the execution of steel and aluminium structures. It outlines the requirements for the fabrication and assembly of structural steel and aluminium components, ensuring their safety and quality. While EN 1090 primarily targets manufacturers and fabricators, it is also important for clients who are involved in construction projects for several reasons:

Legal Compliance: EN 1090 is a harmonised standard within the European Union, and it is mandatory for structural steel and aluminium components to comply with this standard when used in construction projects. By adhering to EN 1090, clients ensure that their structures meet the necessary legal requirements and avoid potential legal issues and penalties.

Safety Assurance: EN 1090 sets forth specifications and procedures to ensure that steel and aluminium structures are designed, manufactured, and installed in a safe manner. Compliance with this standard helps clients guarantee the structural integrity and safety of their buildings or infrastructure. It ensures that the components used in the project have been manufactured to the required quality and have undergone proper testing and inspection.

Quality Control: EN 1090 establishes guidelines for quality management systems, welding processes, and inspection procedures. By working with EN 1090-certified fabricators and contractors, clients can have confidence in the quality of the materials and workmanship used in their projects. This reduces the risk of defects, premature failures, and costly rework, ultimately leading to better overall project outcomes.

Market Access: EN 1090 certification demonstrates compliance with recognised industry standards, which can enhance a client's reputation and credibility in the construction market. It can be particularly important for clients who operate internationally or seek contracts with larger organisations or public authorities that require compliance with specific standards. EN 1090 certification can serve as proof of a client's commitment to quality and safety, giving them a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Risk Mitigation: By selecting contractors and suppliers that are EN 1090 accredited, clients can mitigate risks associated with poor quality materials, inadequate fabrication processes, or non-compliant installations. EN 1090 certification ensures that the project is carried out by qualified professionals who follow the prescribed procedures and adhere to industry best practices, reducing the likelihood of errors, accidents, and delays.

In summary, EN 1090 is important to clients as it helps them comply with legal requirements, ensures safety and quality in construction projects, provides market advantages, and mitigates risks associated with structural components. By working with EN 1090-certified contractors and fabricators, clients can have peace of mind knowing that their projects are being executed to the highest standards.


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