At Metcalfe we have worked closely with a range of industrial sectors to create bespoke fabrications. Examples of these works include walkways and railings to more advanced water filtering systems. We offer site surveys, drawings and fitting with all our fabrications for a complete service, all done by our in-house team.

Skid Frames

Steel skid frames are durable, stable, and customisable structures designed to provide a solid foundation for heavy equipment or mobile structures. They are engineered to endure rigorous use, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability.

Cat Ladders

Designed to your requirements and to the relevant standards BS-4211 and ISO 14122. Bespoke vertical access ladders and ship type ladders offer access in space restricted areas and are often used for maintenance access. With options on rungs, stringers and finishes we can provide a functional and compliant option when vertical access is required.


We can design, fabricate and install a bespoke steel walkway for even the most challenging areas. With a range of decking options and elements such as handrails and staircases incorporated into the design. We are able to provide galvanised steel walkways hot dipped to the EN ISO1461 British Galvanising Standard.

Steel Containers

Metcalfe can fabricate or modify existing containers for all types of purposes including storage, transport and treatment. We have experience with working with business sectors including agriculture, construction and food industry.


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